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09 Apr

The GPS is an electronic device that determines where the driver is located and how to get to their ultimate destination. While the system is useful, construction and new roads require updating the software to obtain the latest information and maps.

A motorcycle is much more than a means of transportation.

You can check the cheapest best prices on the Jeep Navigation DVD by clicking the banner below, or read on for more information about what’s on the latest DVD update and why you should order your new GPS disc today.The new disc covers all changes to highways, roads, street, business addresses, intersections, new developments and more – as well as updates to the millions of points of interest (POIs) that are on the new 2017 disc.POI files include addresses and information on a huge array of destinations including tourist attractions, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, sports venues, and accommodation just to name a few.Dead reckoning using distance data from sensors attached to the drivetrain, a gyroscope and an accelerometer can be used for greater reliability, as GPS signal loss and/or multipath can occur due to urban canyons or tunnels.Automotive navigation systems represent a convergence of a number of diverse technologies many of which have been available for many years, but were too costly or inaccessible.