Chat preko cam

27 Apr

S osobama koje vam se svide možete kontaktirati putem emaila (čak posve anonimno), chata, video ili audio veze.

Sve što vam je potrebno za ovakvu praksu je kompjuter s internetskom vezom.

The report is measure of continued popularity of a TLD, not the initial popularity during the first few days of general release.

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Fastest Growing g TLDs" data-content="Measures the rate of growth of new g TLDs with a minimum of at least one week in General Availability.

'trend' orders the TLDs by this average and in brackets includes the actual number that appeared in the last 30 days.

Consistently smaller additions than the 30 day average could indicate a slowing in development for that TLD.'Alexa Sites per Regn' on the usage pop-up is the ratio of the sites found in Alexa to the total registrations for that TLD.

The average is normalized to 100 so the g TLD with the best average increase has a growth rate of 100. a figure of 65 indicates a TLD with 65% of registrations of the top performing new domain over the last 7 days."Usage" data-content="Lists the total number of new g TLD sites found in the latest Alexa Top 1 Million sites list.

The '30 days' column is the average of new Alexa sites found for 30 GA days.