West kelowna dating

13 Apr

Outstanding hospitality and patios with awe-inspiring views- that’s what you’ll find in the laid back Bottleneck Drive Region.

This is our first timer’s favourite tour with more tastings and more experimenting.

We begin our West Kelowna wine tour taking in the spectacular vineyard vistas overlooking stunning Lake Okanagan.

This West Kelowna tour (the locals call it the Westside or Westbank) is our personal favourite.

You will enjoy world acclaimed ‘Effervescents’, Rieslings, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and signature blends.

Fresh, crisp Okanagan aromatic whites; rose; light, medium and bold reds- We put the “Goo” in Gewurztraminer and the “Yum” in Fun!

Travel along the lakeshore; through the oldest vineyards in BC, to the most visited Winery in BC.

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I'm sure it's the not knowing which is killing her,,,but she knows she is also very lucky being here instead of there.

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