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25 Apr

But that shouldn’t be the default because it’s ruining games.

Like, I tried to get into Overwatch, and it seems a really good game, but the fact that nobody is ever talking just ruined it for me.

He’s five foot nine and bowlegged, like a stand-up bass shrunken into a cello’s body.The evening Inbox is confused by the Nintendo Switch Super Bowl ad, as one reader calls for more indie titles that look like PS one games.To join in with the discussions yourself email [email protected] I can see the appeal of four-player co-op in a giant open world has great appeal, and it’s good to know that the online side of things works in Ghost Recon: Wildlands. But the thing that immediately came to my mind while playing was that I bet nobody said a word in random matchmaking.GC, did anyone talk in Wildlands when you were playing?I like the idea of a modern day equivalent of Conflict: Desert Storm, but what was great about that is that the split screen meant everyone was in the same room, shouting at each other and coming up with plans.