Consolidating p47

16 Apr

Crystals were discovered within the aged lung and at sites of chronic inflammation in a mouse model of chronic granulomatous disease.Following re-crystallization at neutral p H, the crystals were identified as the chitinase-like protein Ym1, expressed in organs of the lymphoreticular system, the lung, and distal stomach.ALF provides a novel opportunity to investigate post-encoding memory processes, such as consolidation.

By segment, San Miguel’s beer business posted a six percent growth in net income to P10 billion as consolidated sales revenue rose by four percent to P58.8 billion. Revenues of San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Group reached P18.2 billion, up by five percent year on year due to a 27 percent growth in its glass business and strong contributions from its Australian operations.Here we show that the p47 GTPases are represented by 23 genes in the mouse, whereas humans have only a single full-length p47 GTPase and an expressed, truncated presumed pseudo-gene.The human full-length gene is orthologous to an isolated mouse p47 GTPase that carries no interferon-inducible elements in the promoter of either species and is expressed constitutively in the mature testis of both species.Ym1 was shown to be a neutrophil granule protein and to have weak β--acetylglucosaminidase activity, indicating that it might contribute to the digestion of glycosaminoglycans.Crystal formation is likely to be a function of excess neutrophil turnover at sites of inflammation in the chronic granulomatous disease mouse.