Dating someone with down syndrome

06 May

Actually, medicine and science have come a long way. I hate hearing people telling me what they think he will and won't be able to do in the future when he isn't even a year old yet! I find the Down syndrome stereotype ridiculous, that DS people are kind, loving, and gentle.

Kate met her husband at a local disco when he, as any other man interested in a woman would do, bought her a drink and they spent the rest of the evening dancing.But for those physical characteristics that cannot be treated, low muscle tone is probably not the main concern when a woman learns prenatally her child has Down syndrome.Similarly, while a heart condition often is the focus when it is diagnosed, fortunately over 90% of surgeries are successful.At the beginning of the century, when teachers, doctors and nurses would not expect babies with Down syndrome to live long, there was little point in talking about teenage and adult services. In stark terms we either prepare people with Down syndrome to spend their adult life in a state of care and protection, in institutions, supervised group homes, in lifelong care by their families, or we seriously set about the business of providing them with sufficient opportunities and education to enable them to function effectively within an adult society.I believe the latter speaks more highly to quality of life.