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27 Mar

A giugno 2011 è stato firmato un accordo con l’Ufficio Nazionale per i Beni culturali ecclesiastici per l’interoperabilità e l’aggiornamento della base dati AICE (Archivi degli Istituti Culturali Ecclesiastici) con la base dati Anagrafe delle biblioteche italiane realizzata dall’ICCU.Elemento centrale nell'attività di aggiornamento della base dati è il codice ISIL, un codice identificativo conforme alla norma ISO 15511 (ISIL, International Standard Identifier for Libraries and related organizations) che l'ICCU assegna a tutte le biblioteche che vengono di volta in volta registrate in Anagrafe.video tutorial on Adobe TV for the pros and cons of using one versus multiple catalogs in any version of Lightroom.When you upgrade to a new version of Lightroom and open a catalog from an older version, Lightroom upgrades the catalog automatically. The new, updated catalog contains all of If you have trouble upgrading a catalog, open the old catalog in your previous version of Lightroom and export it as a new catalog.To start working with this default, empty catalog, click the Import button.For more information on catalogs, including a video tutorial, see How Lightroom catalogs work.

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Under AACR2, serials and integrating resources were categorized as Continuing Resources, a term that is not used in RDA. Republication of an integrating resource: catalog as monograph or integrating resource depending on type of issuance of the republication. Exceptionally, if separate records are created for the component parts, identify each part as an updating loose-leaf, multipart monograph, etc. In a note, indicate the relationship to the parent loose-leaf service and give an AAP for the loose-leaf service."An integrating resource that consists of one or more base volumes updated by separate pages that are inserted, removed, and/or substituted."--RDA Glossary. The Government Documents collections have recently moved from Willis Library to the Eagle Commons Library. Due to the high demand for online holds, we have increased the maximum number of holds that patrons may have from 10 to 25.is a database that tracks the location of your photos and information about them.When you edit photos, rate them, add keywords to them, or do other things to photos in Lightroom, all those changes are stored in the catalog. When you start Lightroom the first time, it automatically creates an empty catalog file (for example, Lightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat) for you.