Accommodating employees religious beliefs

30 Mar

in the workplace is just one reason for this trend.When conflicts arise between employer policies and employees’ exercise of religious beliefs, employers must be aware of their rights and obligations with respect to providing religious accommodation.

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The Court noted that the text of the 1972 amendment did not provide guidance in making a determination as to what constituted a reasonable accommodation; thus it was left to the Court to fashion a definition of what constitutes reasonable accommodation efforts.

When religion meets the workplace, employers face many challenges and potential liabilities.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) not only prohibits employment discrimination based on religion, but it also requires employers to take steps to reasonably accommodate the religious beliefs or observances of their employees.

Ford Most employers recognize that they cannot ignore the religious needs of their employees.

They realize that it is necessary to work with their employees to try to accommodate their religious beliefs not only to avoid liability but to maintain a harmonious work environment.