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30 Apr

Those who are beholden to their physical keyboards will look at this and get excited.Those who have since moved on to touch keyboards will probably shrug their shoulders. Download Registry Fix How to Download this fix: Right click on the above link and select "Save link as" and save and double click the downloaded file to run it. Featured in "CNET How To" Contacts Sync is now available only in 2 versions - Freeware and Pro. Due to changes in Google authentication method (OAuth1 to OAuth2), older Contacts Sync Pro versions (1.x/2.x) stopped working after . Older Contacts Sync Free versions (v3.x/4.x) will not work after April 20th, 2015.. Export your contacts in the sorted order as CSV file, which can be used to import into other applications. Download Gmail Attachments - Free Android app to extract and download attachments from your Gmail. Automatically receive SMS and store into any database like My SQL, MS-SQL.

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There have been some rumors that Windows 8.1 (Coming out in October 2013) will restore Google sync functionality to the Calender and People apps on the Surface.You get the Priv (pronounced “priv” not “pryve” or “preeve”), a device that’s less like Frankenstein’s monster and more like a crazy cocktail that nobody would normally consider ordering.Any way you slice it, it wasn’t supposed to be this way for Black Berry, which has clung onto its battered BB10 operating system for almost three years.The result (as you probably know) is that most people can no longer sync Google calendar with Surface Pro or Surface RT.This means that there’s really no way to get it working for “normal” Gmail users until Microsoft and Google come to some sort of understanding (or one side gives in and starts using the other’s technology again).