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01 Feb

For example, the urls parameter of Sites Site, Sites Site Alias Urls, and Sites Manager.update Site allows for an array of urls to be passed.To pass an array add the bracket operators and an index to the parameter name in the get request.To issue a bulk request, call the Bulk Request method and pass the API methods & parameters (each request must be URL Encoded) you wish to call in the 'urls' query parameter.For example, to call Visits & Visitor Number Of Visits Per Visit Duration at the same time, you can use: you need to call many API functions simultaneously or if you just don't want to issue a lot of HTTP requests, you may want to consider using a Bulk API Request.This feature allows you to call several API methods with one HTTP request (either a GET or POST).

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Status of This Memo This is an Internet Standards Track document.

To see the real (verified) referrers look at the Referrers report instead.

There is also a "Filter by" filter which can be used to filter your referrers list.

They are created in your Google Analytics account to trick you into visiting spammy websites.

What’s the impact of a little spam data on your Google Analytics metrics?