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17 May

I don't need to add any methods, map any parameters, or write any code for the to handle both these querying and updating scenarios - it can work against the LINQ to SQL data model we point it against and do these operations automatically.In this tutorial we'll examine using the events that occur before, during, and after an insert, update, or delete operation of an ASP. We'll also see how to customize the editing interface to only update a subset of the product fields. Sql Data Source Selecting Event Args) Handles Sql Data Source. NET Entity Data Model โดลคลิกควาที่ Project เลือก Add New Item เลือก ASP.Below are the first four parts of my LINQ to SQL series: control that is shipping as part of ASP. All of the business rules and business validation logic will be implemented in our data model tier - and within the UI tier or in any of the UI pages.This will ensure that: 1) a consistent set of business rules are used everywhere within the application, 2) we write less code and don't repeat ourselves, and 3) we can easily modify/adapt our business rules at a later date and not have to update them in dozens of different places across our application.Figure 1: A Series of Pre- and Post-Events Fire When Updating Data in a Grid View (Click to view full-size image) In this tutorial we'll examine using these events to extend the built-in inserting, updating, and deleting capabilities of the ASP. We'll also see how to customize the editing interface to only update a subset of the product fields.

The List View control supports the data editing, insertion, deleting, paging and sorting semantics of higher-level controls like the Grid View.Setting the code below into the validated field and button resolved the issue.Over the last few weeks I've been writing a series of blog posts that cover LINQ to SQL.Unfortunately adding specific declarations for parameters doesn't resolve my issue and I have no need (right now) for custom formatting of the Grid View.SOLVED: We figured it out at SA: I had an insert form with a validated field but the validation was affecting the entire page if that 1 field was ever blank.