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02 Mar

consisted of humorous political commentary from a liberal perspective.

Scathing criticism of the Republicans, and sometimes Democrats in signature bartcop "rants" were a main draw of the site.

Go back and watch it – TVGasm's 69-second highlight reel, which set the footage to Guster's "Center of Attention" and helped inaugurate this as one of the first TV-to-Internet crossover viral moments. In a declaration of love to the woman he'd go on to marry just under a year and a half later, Katie Holmes, Cruise grins maniacally and leaves the couch over a dozen times to kneel in proto-Tebow glory (six times), clasp both of Oprah's hands and vibrate her in her in her seat (three times) and nimbly leap from a seated position on the couch to a standing one (twice). Intermittently throughout, Cruise shakes his fists like a campy god.

He doesn't so much as mention , what he was supposedly booked to promote until the end of the second segment.

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He's also a staff writer for Fast Company and quit drinking -- then started up again. Riot Jon Ronson is at the top of his game right now as the author of "So You've Been Publicly Shamed" and the genius behind "The Psychopath Test" and "The Men Who Stare at Goats." Revealing never-before-told secrets behind the book that is changing the...

Kristin Davis comes to the studio en route to her "going away" party before she remands herself into custody to chat with Mandy and Graham about pimps, madams, the law, and her and Remy Ma's lasting friendship.

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In the 2004 Democratic Primary, bartcop gave some support to Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean before finally endorsing Wesley Clark, both because of his military credentials and his closeness to Clinton.

He’s written many amazing books, most recently “OG Dad” and is perhaps best known for penning “Permanent Midnight” (made into a...

Joe Berkowitz wrote a super-funny book called "You Blew It" with "Last Week Tonight" writer Josh Gondelman.

(Though he had the entire episode devoted to him, so who knows what they would have done to fill the time were there no Katie Holmes.)What you might not remember is Oprah's goading.

She laughs, touches him back, gasps in jubilance and refers to him as "gone," about a half a dozen times.