Porsha stewart dating

11 May

This season, the former football wife opened up about her latest relationship, detailing the ups and downs of their exciting — and at times troubled — partnership.The source claims to have run into Todd at a Birmingham, Alabama club where he gave up the goods on his work relationship with the 35-year-old. On the Sunday, January 22, episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams' boyfriend, Todd Stewart, learned that lesson the hard way."But I ran into some issues at work about social media." Apparently, the people he worked for in Washington, D."I just feel like Todd doesn't take things serious., reality star Porsha Williams reveals that fans will be getting an even closer view into her life through the show touching on intimate topics such as her love life and dipping back into dating."This season on (airing Monday)."I'm taking counseling, which is something I'm a really big fan of, therapy. Getting back closer to family as well and saying, 'yes' to things more. Sometimes life can wear you down."Williams continued to explain that she stopped holding blessings back from happening, and it ultimately led to rekindling an old flame."The power of yes!

Things kicked off on a high note, as they settled down for a romantic date, but soon after ordering wine, Todd broke some news to Porsha that she didn't like so much."I don't know how to tell you," he began.

Porsha Tells Todd He's Scary Porsha called Todd's decision "hasty" and was clearly irked that he hadn't run it by her first (though to be fair, it sounded like they didn't give him a whole lot of time to decide). Todd said she wanted "a family," but that seemed like maybe more along the lines of what he wanted. Despite her clear annoyance with him, she admitted that she did.

"Your uncertainty is scary as hell," she said."I love you. Still, this rash decision had left a very bad taste in her mouth.

Williams was a contestant on the eighth installment of the reality competition series, The Celebrity Apprentice, In her early adulthood, Williams appeared in music videos in pursuit of a potential career in the modeling industry, which she has said was "what you did in Atlanta when you wanted to become a model, and you were young and beautiful".

Williams began dating football player Kordell Stewart while she was employed at the Lucky Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia.