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14 Feb

Fountain will be a crucial item in the forthcoming exhibition, Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia, at Tate Modern.

Or at least a replica of it will, because one of the most piquant aspects of the history of this celebrated object is that the original was seen by only a handful of people, never publicly exhibited, and vanished shortly after that selection, signing and christening in 1917.

ITV decided to axe the 25-year-old, who played Tommy Duckworth in the long-running soap, as a result of his "unacceptable comments".

But he's far from the first celebrity face to get the sack after such ill-advised behaviour. Richard Bacon Back in 1998 when Richard Bacon, now 37, was a fresh-faced Blue Peter presenter, he was unceremoniously sacked mid-season after News of the World published a report on the star taking cocaine and cannabis.

) to not watch her and Chris' season of Only two weeks ago, Chris told us he and Whitney were in the beginning stages of wedding planning.

Stock image Some researchers have said this could in part be because the blood of a young organism is rich with proteins that improve cell function, and can spur the production of these proteins in the recipient’s body.

Whitney, a fertility nurse in Chicago, made it clear from the beginning of their engagement that she wasn't willing to quit her job. Chris hinted to us that the end of the show was a really difficult adjustment—for him and for his relationship with Whitney. You spend two months dating like crazy and then all of a sudden there's no cameras, there's nothing.

Chris, of course, was famously close to his family and unwilling to permanently move away from his family business, a farm in Arlington, Iowa, where he has been for planting season. "I think once she sees what I appreciate about [Arlington], and she's seen some of that, it's a really great lifestyle. "They just dump you back into the world," He told us. There's nobody telling you what to do which is good but it's also a transition."It's also unknown whether Whitney held up her vow (strong woman!

The firm, whose mission ‘is to enrich the health and vitality of humankind through transformative therapies that counterbalance the aging process,’ injected 12-month-old mice with blood samples from 18-year-old humans twice a week for three weeks.

This process, known as neurogenesis, is thought to contribute to memory and learning, and the results now show that it can be enhanced through the injection of young human blood, New Scientist reports.