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27 Jan

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At the time, he went to his father, novelist and comedian Chips Hardy, with the pitch to take a villainous character like Oliver Twist's Bill Sikes, mix him with the likes of Heart of Darkness's Marlow and Jack the Ripper, put him inside a gentleman's body and mix the two together.

The idea was to create a hero in a classic period drama that could transcend the class divides between the opulent upper class of 19th century London and the city's dark underbelly.

At the time, his father's response was he didn't have a story there, to which Hardy declared: "I just want to play this character." Hardy recalls his father telling him, "Tom, will you just close the door on the way out?

Knowing that the catch for creating Taboo with Knight was working together on 2013's Locke and 2014's Peaky Blinders gives a sense of just how long this has actively been a passion project for Hardy.

At Taboo's 2017 winter TV Critics Association press tour panel for Taboo, Knight recalls being immediately intrigued by Hardy's pitch because "you know he's going to play the lead." Through Hardy's character James Delaney, Knight is exploring the rise of individualism in post-French Revolution, post-American Revolution 1814 Britain.