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09 Mar

Online hostess Xianggong (L) and other hostesses check their pictures as they gather around the photographer while taking part in a football-themed photoshoot at a photography studio in Beijing March 4, 2015.

(Reuters/Jason Lee)Online hostess Xianggong pouts as she gives a live broadcast in her bedroom in Beijing, February 10, 2015.

For many people it's the butt of crude jokes, but those who feel themselves afflicted are often confused, ashamed, dispirited and horrified. Shi Bin's aggressive appearance - a fingernail-sized piercing in his left earlobe and a brace of tongue studs - is at odds with his gentle manner.

However, the 21-year-old admitted that his "punk appearance" hinted at "a demon" inside, one he has been reluctant to acknowledge openly - an addiction to sex.

The textbooks were originally published in 2010, and it is not clear why it has taken so long for the content of these books to go viral.

An older post on Zhihu (China’s answer to Quora) that has earned renewed interest shows teachers have even received training on how to adapt these volumes in the classroom from the Beijing Normal University team who masterminded the books.

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The platforms typically take a cut of between 50 and 70 percent.

Their parents never mentioned the topic, nor did their teachers.

"They think it's ugly," Hanna says, "but it's a problem that they always hide sex." The lack of knowledge makes dating difficult.

Regardless, the series has already made an impression on the pupils who use the books.

"Sex addiction" is a subject that often prompts ribaldry rather than sympathy, especially if a Hollywood star is involved.