Advantages of dating an older man

02 May

While you may enjoy skydiving and surfing, the old man certainly would want to stay away from such sports.

There will also be difference of opinion when it comes to eating habits, music and books because of the age difference between you both.

His health risks may increase and so will his susceptibility to diseases.

No matter how fit he his, no matter how healthy his eating habits are, you cannot deny the fact that his age will catch up on him sooner or later.

In fact the patriarchal underpinnings of society make it easier for older men to have young brides rather than for mature women to find social acceptance with far younger male partners.

In such situations, a younger woman may be more capable of sharing in these active hobbies.

Indeed, the University of California at Santa Barbara found that older men who date younger women tend to live longer and maintain healthier lifestyles than their counterparts who date older women.

Another thing to consider is that if the old man already has a family, then you will need to adapt to them as well.

Everybody has to grow older, but an old man is going to grow older and feebler.