Zone labs not updating

25 Feb

* Check for Updates: In "Overview", click the "Preferences" tab, and select "Manually".

* Share my security settings: Also in "Overview" under the "Preferences" tab, at the bottom deselect the "Share my security settings anonymously with Zone Labs." * Smart Defense Advisor: In "Program Control", set Smart Defense Advisor to "Off".

It's safe to put this program in the startup group to launch automaticaly at boot time.Understanding Inflammation Inflammation is a two-edged sword.We need enough to defend us against microbial invasion and to allow our physical injuries to heal.This behavior seems to be limited to 5.0.x software, and there is some suspicion that Zone Alarm is incorrectly interpreting "regular web access" as the use of a proxy server, so it attempts to check for updates via that web server. zawatch is a small console-mode application that keeps an eye on these registry values used by Zone Alarm for proxy parameters: This program uses the Reg Notify Change Key Value() Win32 API call, and as such will use essentially zero CPU time.We're notified only when the changes occur, so "polling" is not needed; this make the program very efficient.